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Our Team

Dear Ruedi
A heartfelt thank you! Your careful engagement and competence are convincing and have made this trip truly wonderful. I wish you many good and happy expeditions for the future and please, stay healthy!


I would like to thank you for the excellent organisation of the Himlung expedition. This was my fifth expedition, but it was definitely the best!


Great experience from Himalayas and Andes! Truly recommended.

L. M

The climb up Mont Blanc is long but having reached the top of the Alps will make me feel proud for the rest of my life. I will never forget our ski descent through the impressive serac landscape!


Thanks for your information, your work, your commitment. Once again, I have witnessed the excellent work done by Kobler & Partner!


Thanks, Ruedi for the good organisation and the competent and safe guidance in the mountains. The trips with you were the highlights of your holidays – this year and last year. We will be back and can’t wait what you have in store for us next year.


Thanks again for the amazing excursions in and around Davos. I truly appreciate your thoughtful, competent and caring leadership, especially after I have seen how other mountain guides work in the Safien Valley…


Perfect training (ABC course) for high altitude mountaineering. Performance diagnostics, high altitude medicine, material and advice for different expeditions. Brilliant package for 1 ½ days! Highly recommended.

P + F


The tallest Asian, 8848 metres above the sea level.

He is and stays the tallest summit on earth. This alone makes him never lose his attraction that he exudes on humans.

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The tallest South American, 6962 Metres above sea level.

Once around together with a crossing of the Aconcagua surely makes for a great highlight. Optional acclimatization tour beforehand on the Cerro Vallecitos.

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The tallest North American, 6190 metres above sea level.

North America's tallest mountain is also one of the coldest. Kobler & Partner is one of the few European travel agencies who offer the Denali officially and legally.

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The tallest African, 5895 metres above sea level.

Every trekker or mountaineer who thinks of Africa, automatically thinks of the Kilimanjaro. A dream that many can realise.

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Mount Elbrus

The tallest European, 5642 metres above sea level.

An offer that has the potential to be an absolute classic. We ascend the highest point of Europe from the calm and remote northern side.

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The tallest in the Antarctic, 4892 metres above sea level.

Standing on the tallest mountain of the Antarctica, the most remote continent of this planet, rewards one with an indescribable feeling of euphoria combined with a never-ending panorama.

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7_summits_ Carstensz_Pyramide


The tallest mountain of Oceania, 4884 metres above sea level.

The tallest on the continent of Oceania. Through fascinating rain forests to barren heights. Here counts the old adage: The way is the goal.

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