K&P Corona safety protocol FOR expeditions, TREKKINGS and skiTOURING trips

For K&P as an organiser of expeditions and trekkings and skitouring trips, the health and safety of our guests, mountain guides and local staff is our first priority. With the continued spread of Covid-19, we have developed a Corona safety protocol, which we will follow on our trips. These measures shall be undertaken in addition to official regulations.

Regulations of local and swiss authorities

K&P comply with all recommendations and regulations of Swiss authorities and authorities of the destination countries of our tours.

Support begins already before departure

We inform our guests regularly before departure about entry regulations in transit and destination countries. We also keep our clients up to date about current official measures in your travel country.

Requirements for our guests

K&P offer expeditions, treks and ski trips to remote areas worldwide. Our base camps and trekking destinations are often far from civilization. In order to increase the safety of each participant, we have decided to apply the following criteria to our participants: 

For all K&P tours/travels and expeditions abroad, the 2G-rule applies (proof via Covid certificate or EU Green Passport).

In principle, we do not want to exclude anyone from our trips, but the safety and health of each individual is our highest priority. Rescue flights can quickly lead to very high costs and many of our travelled countries offer only a low medical standard.

Local staff and organisations

We only work together with partners (local organisations, hotels, drivers, restaurants, guides), who are familiar with Covid-19 measures and guarantee compliance with our safety protocol.

Staff members such as drivers, cooks, Kitchenboys and Sherpas are trained by our agency in advance of the trip. The implementation of the measures will be checked by the K&P mountain guide during the trip. He is responsible for the correct compliance.

Medical care

We offer telemedical care by the Sportsclinic Bern and its director Dr. Urs Hefti.

K&P guarantee a contract physician in the destination country for consultation in case of Covid-19 symptoms or for carrying out a test.

Security measures in the cities and during travel

All guests, mountain guides and local staff are obliged to wear a mask as soon as a minimum distance of two metres cannot be guaranteed abroad, e. g. while traveling in a jeep.

Recommendation of K&P in the cities: Booking of single rooms in the hotels.

The transfers are exclusively carried out in vehicles of our partner organisations. These vehicles undergo proper cleaning and disinfection procedures and have masks and hand sanitizer readily available.

Safety measures during trekking and in the base camp

We provide single tents for all guests, guides and local staff during trekking and at base camp.

Strict compliance with distance and disinfection procedures by guests, guides, sherpas and staff: minimum distance, disinfection of hands before entering the dining tent, after the toilet and shower.

Strict separation of different international expedition groups in base camp.

We provide handwashing stations with hot water and soap as well as sufficient hand disinfectant throughout the base camp.

K&P will provide Covid-19 quick tests in case of Covid-19 symptoms.

Booking in corona times

Once again, a note on booking: We offer a 100% money-back guarantee in case a journey has to be cancelled by K&P before its start due to Corona and official measures.

In all other cases the K&P General Terms and Conditions for expeditions and trvels still apply.

All guests shall provide sufficient personal insurance coverage in case of illness before or during the trip. Contact your travel insurance company to determine if “epidemic or pandemic diseases” are covered.

Last but not least

Travelling during the continued spread of Covid-19 remains a challenge for everyone involved. The whole K&P team will do the best to make sure that you can enjoy your trip. We take care of you!

Your K&P team

Update: 16.02.2022
Status: 27.10.2020
(A current version of this protocol can be found online at www.kobler-partner.ch/kp-corona-safety-protocol/)