About us

Kobler & Partner has been travelling on all mountain ranges of the world for more than 30 years. All our mountain guides possess a very large amount of knowledge from which we can profit in order to create innovative pioneer travels and come up with new exclusive expeditions that meet the highest expectations.


The mountains of this earth are fascinating landscapes and combined with the diversity of human existence, many great cultures have come into existence on these mountains. To us it is very important that our customers can experience this beauty with a high degree of security, quality and professionalism from our side.


At the centre of all our planning and all our actions are our customers. They are the focal point of all our efforts. We speak the language of our customers and, therefore, we can perfectly adapt to your needs. We take the concerns of our customers very seriously.


Just as important are our mountain guides and employees of our agencies abroad. We expect them to put as much effort into their work as we put into our work. Additionally, we also expect our employees to be very cooperative and knowledgeable in the field. This, of course, requires optimal education for our employees, which is supported and at times provided by Kobler & Partner, if so desired.


Partners and staff in a travel destination are chosen by us according to our principles of high quality and our understanding of the current market. We put effort into financially and practically supporting our partners' education and further education. It is our goal to establish longterm cooperative partnerships that help us to meet and keep a high standard of quality.


Cooperation with local partners are an integral part of our philosophy. We treat the locals and their lifestyles with the utmost respect. We see it as natural that our travel guides and our customers adapt to and respect the local customs, rules and traditions.


All our employees are familiar with our security standards and our clearly structured emergency-concept. On expeditions, travels and tours our employees act according to our guidelines.


Our travels take place outside and often in untouched nature. Our highest goal is to leave the places we visit in the same state as we found them.


Also important to us is securing the long term existence of our company and our employees. This is achieved through expansion, fortification, exclusivity and quality of our travel offers.



The Swiss Sherpa Foundation supports Sherpas and other mountain peoples with targeted education programmes and infrastructure projects, in order to establish a sustainable independence. The main activities are supposed to be on the mountain, where outdoor activities such as mountaineering and trekking that contribute, or can contribute, to economic development.

DFurthermore, the Foundation intends to provide support for Sherpas in need and other mountain peoples, as well as their families

The Foundation can also be involved with other non-profit projects and institutions, whose goal matches the interests of the Swiss Sherpa Foundation.

The Swiss Sherpa Foundation is a non-profit organisation. Therefore, it does not pursue any monetary profit.


Swiss Sherpa Foundation Avalanche Course by Kobler & Partner


We from Kobler & Partner participate in projects by print media, on the internet, in radio and on television. For these projects it is important to us to authentically portray our opinions, professions and fascinations.

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