Insurances generally

Kobler & Partner does not include any all-inclusive insurance services in the travel price. Insurances (e.g. cancellation costs, foreign health, rescue costs, accident, repatriation, luggage insurances) are basically the responsibility of the participants. We strongly recommend that all guests take out travel insurance. This applies to the participation in our tours (e.g. in the Alps) and especially to our guests of ski and trekking tours as well as expeditions. Especially for expeditions, sufficient insurance coverage is absolutely necessary. In case of a cancellation you save yourself a lot of trouble. An accident can also be a very expensive affair. Rescue costs for a helicopter mission can quickly rise to over 10’000 USD. For some expeditions a rescue insurance is even obligatory. You will find more information in the respective travel documents.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to insurance coverage:

Normal travel insurance usually covers baggage, medical, repatriation/recovery and cancellation. There are many providers. You probably already have insurance. Our recommendation is:

Insurance companies offer different solutions depending on where you live. We have summarized some further information for you.

From our experience we can recommend the following providers, respectively the following products:

Der TCS bieThe TCS offers an all-round carefree package (cancellation costs, foreign health, rescue costs, accident, repatriation insurance) called ETI Schutzbrief Plus for TCS members. There are currently no upper limits on the price of travel or exclusions of travel to high altitudes. More information on the website.

The Mobiliar also offers comprehensive travel protection. More information on the website.

The Rega is a nonprofit company based in Switzerland. Rega is known for its rescues by helicopter in alpine accidents in Switzerland. However, Rega is also there for its members abroad and organizes, for example, patient transport back home in the event of a medical emergency. Rega is not an insurance company, but only assumes the costs if insurance companies or other third parties are not liable to pay. More information on the website.

As a member of the German Alpine Club you can take out an expedition insurance . The package includes a foreign travel health insurance incl. emergency call, a luggage, a rescue costs and an accident insurance. More information at the website. Not included is a travel cancellation insurance. We strongly recommend that you take out this separately.

The agency Reiseschutz Plus offers tailor-made travel insurance (incl. travel cancellation) for trips costing more than 10’000 EUR. Contact the agency by phone or by e-mail, contact details can be found at the website.

As a supplement to the Alpine Club Insurance, the Austrian Alpine Club offers the Alpenverein Premium-Einzelreiseschutz. This package includes ascents of mountains with a summit height above 6’000 meters. More information on the website.

Global Rescue, a company based in the USA, is a leading provider of travel and risk insurance. Global Rescue offers the right product for our trips, which is why we signed a partner agreement.

The company is specialized in organizing rescue chains, especially in remote regions. We recommend this provider especially to our participants of the 8’000m and 7’000m expeditions. One either purchases a membership for a certain period of time, or takes out an “all-round carefree package” including travel cancellation insurance. More information on their website.

IMG Global is a partner of Global Rescue and specializes in premium travel insurance. Since Global Rescue excludes the two poles as destinations, we recommend this provider to our Antarctic and Arctic guests. Insurance for expeditions to the poles is mandatory and must meet specific criteria in each case. Therefore, we are happy to assist in obtaining insurance. More information on their website.