Sense and Purpose of the Profile Check

Every Expedition that we offer has its peculiarities and has a different requirement profile. The following points give a short overview on the topic of expeditions and provide a basis for decision-making.

Originally, an expedition was a (often scientifically inspired) journey into yet unknown territory in order to gain knowledge about topographic or geological characteristics of the region in question (e.g. Albert Heim’s Himalaya expedition). Mountain climbers, too, set out to summit the virgin peaks and searched for possible routes. Not only the summit, but also the journey itself was their reward. These men were pioneers and often the best mountain climbers of their time. However, they frequently sacrificed their lives for the enterprise.

Except for first ascents, such undertakings are less risky today, as the route and destination are generally known and the logistics, as well as the weather forecasts are significantly optimised and more precise. Starting from our own experiences and the experiences of our predecessors, our expeditions are also suitable for «average consumers», i.e. alpinists, who are physically and mentally fit and have stamina. Our expeditions are no longer journeys into the great unknown, but they offer impressions regarding local customs and culture, weather conditions, cold, altitude (etc) which can indeed be new to the participants. Last but not least, participants also have to exhibit mental toughness, patience and endurance.

It is irresponsible and even dangerous to take part in an expedition that is – physically and/ or mentally – excessively demanding. For this reason, we have tried to define as precisely as possible the requirement profile of every expedition on offer. This document offers the possibility to self-evaluate your abilities and skills on an objective basis. We deliberately avoid asking potential expedition members to hand in so-called «tour lists» (a written collection of tours/ expeditions/ trekkings done so far), since they are generally misleading. We carefully plan and prepare our expeditions, and we expect our clients to do the same when it comes to personal preparation. Our highest aim is to accompany our clients during every phase of the expedition, beginning from the budding dream to climb a certain mountain and ending with the journey back home. Reviewing his or her expedition experience, every participant should come to the conclusion of having chosen the right expedition with the appropriate requirement profile.

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