Booking and travelling in times of Covid-19

The most important facts in brief:

Current travel advice in times of Corona/Covid-19

If you would like to book a trip but you are still uncertain due to the worldwide development of the pandemic, we have summarized some important information:

Criteria catalogue of Kobler & Partner for safe travel in times of Corona/Covid-19:

1. Local health conditions

We run only trips if the health of our guests, our guides and our local teams can be guaranteed. The health and safety of our members is our highest priority. See K&P Corona-Sicherheitsprotokoll.

2. Planning security

We decide whether a trip is carried out (at the latest) 4 weeks before departure (in case of air travel). In regard to our earthbound tours we decide 2 weeks in advance.

3. Entry and exit regulations as well as flights and accessibility

We carefully check whether there are any entry or exit regulations that make it impossible to run the trip. Likewise, we only run trips if we can exclude the necessity of a quarantine. We adhere to regulations and recommendations of the Swiss authorities.

4. Your cost security

If Kobler & Partner has to cancel a trip due to Corona/Covid-19, you will not be charged any costs. Any payments you have already made to Kobler & Partner will be refunded 100%. Private expenses (equipment, insurances) are of course excluded.

You can rely on us:

If current regulations from the official side by EDA or BAG or local obstacles such as the closure of a region make it impossible to meet our demand for a quality trip, we will cancel the trip and inform you immediately.

And last but not least, a note on our own behalf: If you cancel a trip for personal reasons, the cancellation conditions according to our terms and conditions apply. This is related to the fact that we run “your” trip without you as a member. Only on this basis we can ensure that all guaranteed travel dates continue to be confirmed.

Date of the protocol: 16.02.2022