Gerard Mössmer 3

Gerhard Mössmer

BERGFÜHRER UIAGM +41 31 381 23 33

Kobler & Partner GmbH, Neubrückstrasse 166, 3012 Bern, Schweiz

Gerhard was born in Innsbruck in 1972. At the age of 4, his parents strapped 2 “boards” – which supposedly mean the world – under his legs. Over the years, Gerhard has perfected “sliding” on skis. Today, ski touring and freeriding are among his main activities. And since it is not always winter in Tyrol either, he combines this with his other passions: mountain biking, climbing and mountaineering.

Did his parents also infect him with the travel virus? We don’t know exactly, but we are happy that Gerhard also trained as a mountain and ski guide after his architecture studies. Today, he offers his guests unforgettable mountain experiences in the Himalayas, in Pakistan or at home in the Alps. It is hard to believe that Gerhard also finds time to work for the Austrian Alpine Association in the mountain sports department. There he is responsible for training, safety and publications. Fortunately, he is always happy to swap his office chair for the 2 boards that mean the world to him.