Porträtbild Axel Mölg

Axel Mölg

Mountain Guide UIAGM +41 31 381 23 33 office@kobler-partner.ch

Kobler & Partner GmbH, Neubrückstrasse 166, 3012 Bern, Schweiz

I was born and raised in a village near Kufstein in the Tyrolean lowlands. For over 10 years now Innsbruck is the city from which I always set off on shorter or longer mountain tours. As my time spent on the mountains increased steadily during my teacher training studies for geography and English, I began training as a mountain guide at the same time. I completed the two training courses at the same time and have been working full-time as a mountain guide ever since. Although working with young people also appeals to me, I immensely enjoy sharing my passion for mountaineering and the mountains with my guests. It’s great to be out in nature so much, to pass on my expertise, to experience adventures together and, above all, to have a good time. When guiding, I especially appreciate the opportunity to get to know other people well in just a few days, due to the often intense time spent together.
I like to spend the winter in the mountains of Tyrol, preferably ice climbing or ski touring away from the ski resorts. In summer, on the other hand, I’m always drawn west to France or Switzerland to the somewhat higher mountains. I also like to travel to the somewhat higher mountains of Asia and South America – both with guests and for private expeditions.
Away from the mountains, I am actually quite rarely bored. I have a certain interest in literature and basically read a lot. Otherwise I like to tinker with my VW bus, help with the wood, go to the movies, go to parties, play chess, like to cook and eat even more ;)