11 Jul 2017
by Hannes Lerchbacher

Our expedition to the Pik Lenin started on 02.07.2017 in Vienna, Stuttgart and Bern. The flight brought us over Moscow and Bischkek to Osh in Kirghistan. During the flight the participants had a chance to get to know each other. The participants are from Switzerland (Fritz), from Germany (Ralph), from Austria (Franz, Marco, Ren├ę and Hannes) as well as our expedition leader Julian Beermann. By now, we have been in the Advanced Base Camp (4,400 m) for five days and we are continuing onward.
A short look back on the last few days, or one could say the first couple days, of our Pik Lenin expedition: After the arrival in Osh we checked into the hotel Sunrise, where we were greeted by our local helper, Victoria. After a sight seeing tour in the town with its large market and a beautiful mountain close by, we finished the day with supper together.
On the next day drove along the Pamir Highway past beautiful landscapes to the base camp Achik Tasch (3,600 m). Here we spent three days to acclimatise with short and not that exhausting tours. The very good meals and the good support in the base camp made those days very enjoyable. On the fourth day we then trekked to the Advanced Base Camp. By now, we already have our first rotation to camp 1 (5,600 m) behind us and we have the rotation to camp 2 (6,100 m) ahead of us tomorrow.

Despite the sometimes inconsistent weather, all of us are feeling well and we have, thus far, mastered all the challenges that were laid before us. This surely is because of the excellent support in the base camp and the truly exceptional support of our expedition leader Julian Beermann.

Report: Hannes Lerchbacher