Mt. Everest expedition aborted

29 Apr 2015
by Jens

The devastating impact of the earthquake and the aftershocks have also affected the Everest expedition of Kobler & Partner on the North side of the mountain, in Tibet, which started at the beginning of April 2015. 3 days ago, the Chinese government prohibited any further ascents above 6450 metres, which means that the expedtition participants and the Sherpas at base camp and at the advanced base camp are blocked.

Today, on Wednesday, 29 April 2015, the lead of the K&P Everest expedition 2015 decided to abort the undertaking of summiting the highest mountain on earth.

The main reason for the cancellation lies in K&P's concern for safety, which is always our first priority. The Chinese seismologists predict further aftershocks in the area of the Tibetan high plateau. Further advancing at the mountain would be incompatible with the responsibility which K&P bears towards the participants and the employees (Sherpas).
These prognoses also explain the decision of the Chinese government to ban any further climbing above the ABC. As a consequence, the ABC needs to be demounted by the expedition organisers as quickly as possible.

With immediate effect, an orderly abortion of the expedition is organised by the lead of the expedition. The participant's journey back is planned via China, as all traffic routes to Nepal are blocked for vehicles because of the earthquake. The Sherpas will be further employed on site until all material is ready for transportation or storage. We hope that after that, the Sherpas can travel back via Zangmu/Kodari to their homes in Nepal.

We will inform you about the precise date of return of the participants here on the website as soon as it is set.

K&P will support the affected Sherpas and their families with all our resources available.
This is what the K&P mountains relief fund association (“Verein Hilfsfonds Berge”) is here for, which we would like to mention here.

Today, our appeal for donations is to support the Nepali who have come to grief due to the earthquake.
If you are interested in direct help on site, please consider our relief fund.

We will regularly inform you about the specific help which we could organise with the relief fund on the K&P website.