Denali – Arrival in Anchorage

8 May 2017
by Uli Meyer

After many, many hours in comfortable airplanes of the Iceland Air we arrive at our intermediate goal Anchorage. The newly opened Hyatt House Hotel already expected our arrival..... we were the first guests in the house.
A day that seemingly never wants to end was behind us, when we, nevertheless, went outside at 00:30 in the night in order to explore the nightlife of Anchorage. If our vitamin rich meal was now our breakfast, lunch or supper could not be accurately assessed by us after having traversed so many time zones.
We devote the entire next day to our first acclimatization phases (look at photographs). We then, after all, made a large curve around the Anchorage-Museum in order to get to the closest wine-bar where we strengthened our team spirit with the help of a glass of wine. Museums are definitely overstated on sunny days......
Nevertheless, we were completely exhausted in the evening after a day of hard acclimatization exercises (look at photograph).
During the night our lost expedition participant Matthias finally arrived. A heavy thunderstorm delayed the departure of the plane in Frankfurt by 3 hours, which resulted in Matthias missing is connecting flight to Iceland. Now that our group is complete we are looking forward to a few nice days in the freezer called Denali. We will report again via our satellite telephone directly from the mountain.

Update 9. 5.: Trapped in Talkeetna:
The flight from Talkeetna to the Kahiltna Base Camp had to be canceled because of bad weather conditions. The group is now waiting in Talkeetna for better flight conditions.

Update 10.5.:
Our second attempt at reaching the Kahiltna Base Camp was also not met with success.