Broad Peak beginning the ascent to the summit.

4 Jul 2017
by Herbert und Team

June 24. - 29. we spent recovering, and because of the inconsistent weather we stayed in the base camp.
From 30. June on the weather was still somewhat inconsistent but good enough for the acclimatization up to 7,000 metres. On 30. June we then ascended up to C1 at 5,600 metres and on 1. July we will ascend up to C2 at 6,300 metres. After a night in C2 we will ascent through some wind and snowfall up to max. 6,900 metres. We spent a second night in C2 and on 3 July we descend again to the BC.
Here we enjoy once again all the amenities of the base camp and we recover for the summit day ahead of us.
Several weather forecasts predict perfect summit weather from 7. to 10. of July.
So, our plan is, that 3 participants ascend on 6. July up to camp 1 and the rest of the group will ascend directly to camp 2 on 7. July.
On 8. July we want to ascent to camp 3 and on 9. July we will ascent to the summit.

We hope that everything will go according to plan.

Please wish us luck

Greetings from the Broad Peak Base Camp.

Herbert and Team