Ski-Touring Road Trip Through Canada

Ski-Touring Road Trip Through Canada © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA, Tiles: Mapbox
Champagne Powder in Canada
  • Very varied skiing programme with great ski tours and amazing freeride downhill runs.
  • Fascinating landscape full with contrasts, from huge forests to lonesome lakes to alpine summits.
  • Great ski tours in lonesome regions guarantee an excellent ski touring experience.
  • Beautiful authentic accommodations for great rests.
  • Thanks to our own car we are very flexible.

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To describe the "champagne powder" of the Canadian Rocky Mountains would be like carrying coals to Newcastle. Nowhere in the world does the snow fall this heavily and stays this fluffy. The national parks of British Columbia are the only places where this kind of snow can be found. 6 metres of snow is not something unusual in this region. In these two weeks we will enjoy a lot of light powder snow, untouched nature and delicious meals in the comfort of hotels. In this travel we will experience the entirety of the mythical Rocky Mountains!

When people hear "winter in Canada" most think of "cold" and "heliskiing". True, but not entirely, Canada has way more to offer than just low temperatures and one single way of skiing. Next to the clearly marked heliskiing areas Canada also has a lot of untouched nature that offers a nearly limitless option of ski touring possibilities. Many of those skiing regions are located within the National Parks, which are incredible 224,000 km² large. The origin of the Canadian national parks can be found in the west and therefore it isn't surprising that the very first national park was the Banff National Park. To the south east of the Banff National Park, already located in the Selkirk Mountains, is the Glacier National Park. The park was created by glaciers from the Selkirk and Purcell Mountains. Next to numerous ice fields and glaciers one can also find steep mountains and narrow valleys. The famous Trans Canada Highway also leads right through this park and over the Rogers Pass.

Travel Programme

Day 1: Zurich - Calgary - Kananaski Mountains
Scheduled flight from Zurich to Calgary, the largest city in Alberta.
Here we will pick up our rental car and we will drive along the Trans Canada Highway towards the Rocky Mountains. Shortly before Canmore we will be leaving the roadway and after about 2.5 hours of driving we will arrive at our accommodation for the next three nights. It's a very comfortable lodge that is surrounded by an amazing display of nature.

Days 2 - 3: Ski Tours in the Kananaski Mountains
The Kananaski Mountains are the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. They offer a large amount of beautiful touring options that cover a very large range of difficulty options and they are therefore ideal to get to know the "champagne powder".
Prominent targets in this region are the prominent Mt. Burstell (2,800 m) or also the Black Prince Mountain. Both offer about 1,000 metres long ascents in ideal skiing landscape. The respective starting points for the tours can be reached with 20 to 30 minutes long drives. After the tours we will relax in the hot pot of the hotel or with a book in front of the chimney.

Days 4 - 6: Ski Tours and Freeriding around Lake Louise
Lake Louise, this name alone makes the heart of any powderfreak beat faster!
After the first two ski tours we will continue our road trip to the west towards Lake Louise. In case the circumstances are fantastic we will undertake a ski tour already on the way to our next accommodation. If we decided on a ski tour we would have to leave the Trans Canada Highway in the direction of Kootenay. Two beautiful targets are the Vermilion Peak and the Mount Stanley. In any case we will spend the next two nights in Lake Louise, one of the most famous skiing locations of the Rocky Mountains.
A "must do" in Lake Louise is the visit of the Fairview Mountain, that is like an Eagle's eyrie high above Lake Louise with its famous Chateaus. Next to the visit of Fairview Mountain an entire day of freeriding in the famous skiing region and a delicious burger in the legendary Post-Pub are on the must-do list.

Days 7 - 8: Little Yoho Range and Emerald Peak
In the late afternoon of the sixth day we will drive to the Emerald Lake 60 km away. Here we will encounter the beautiful, in the winter very dreamlike, Emerald Lodge that is located at the shore of the lake with the same name. From this beautiful lodge we will undertake two tours. One tour leads us to the 2,600 metres high Emerald Peak, which stands majestically above the frozen lake. Next to this great view, this tour is also special because of its downhill run on the amazingly long slopes; the Canadian ski touring dream!
For the second tour we will tackle a summit of the Little Yoho Range, which offers just as much enjoyment as the previous tour. The evenings we'll spend next to a farm chimney fire....

Day 9: Kicking Horse
Kicking Horse is another ski resort with an amazing atmosphere. It is located about 14 km away from the city Golden located on the eastern slopes of the Purcell Mountains. The region is shaped by several mountain crests that are decorated with steep Champagne Powder Slopes and Forests, which make this region a paradise for freeriding fans. Somewhat away from the tourist streams, we will find everything a powder-freak can wish for. After these first class freeride experiences we will move into our accommodation in Golden.

Day 10: Kicking Horse - Rogers Pass - Revelstocke
If we want to undertake another tour in the Kicking Horse region or if we want to move on to our next goal, Revelstocke, entirely depends on our mood and also the circumstances. In any case, in the evening, we will be in Revelstocke and we will have a few metres of powder snow underneath our feet. We will spend the next three nights in our accommodation at Revelsotcke.

Days 11 - 12: Ski Tours on the Rogers Pass
The Rogers Pass is not without reason known as he Eldorado of Canada.
The potential for tours in this region is immense and we will always decide for the best possible options! Be it the Napoleon Spur (one of the most famous skiing tours of Canada) or the Col Young Peak or the Grizzly Shoulder or......or..... All of the mentioned tours offer an exclusive skiing pleasure. With all these great options the Rogers Pass region belongs to one of the best touring regions of Canada.
On these two days we will also have the option to book an individual helicopter or catskiprogram (look at Support).

Days 13 - 14: Revelstocke - Kamloops - Flight back Home
After breakfast we will undertake our last kilometres of our road trip. The varied drive ends at the airport of Kamloops, where we will board the plane to Calgary. During this flight we, if there view is clear, have a last chance to look at the region in which we had spend the last twelve days. In the early afternoon we then will board the plane in Calgary which will bring us back home to Europe.

A first class ski touring safari!

Included services
  • Organisation of the ski travel
  • International flights including taxes
  • Flight Kamloops - Calgary
  • Luggage for the flights (look at Equipment)
  • Costs for the transport of the ski equipment (skiing backpack of max. 8 kg)
  • Small groups (max. 8 participants)
  • All transfers in rented vehicles (according to programme)
  • Nights in hotels and lodges including breakfast according to programme (basic DZ)
  • Supper (4 course menu) on the days 1, 2, 3 and 6
  • National park fees
  • 8% discount voucher for material purchases at Bächli Bergsport
  • Exhaustive pharmacy
  • Nationally certified mountain guide
Excluded services
  • Insurance (see "insurance")
  • Additional costs that might crop up because of changes to the programme.
  • Supper (excluding the days 1, 2, 3 and 6) and beverages
  • Entrance fees of any kind
  • Entrance tickets for the day in Lake Louise, Kicking Horse and possibly Revelstocke
  • Tips

The skibinding manufacturer Fritschi-Diamir,, supports this travel offer with the newest material which, if you wish to, can be tested for free.

An individual upgrade with 2 days heliskiing in Revelstocke is the exclusive cherry on top of this road trip through the Rocky Mountains!
The snow and the landscape make Revelstocke to one of the best heliskiing region of the world. Nowhere in the world is the "Champagne Powder" more legendary than in the Selkirk Mountains.
A Bell 205 or Ecureuil B2 brings us always to the start of the best downhill runs. Be it forest or above, the skiing pleasure is guaranteed. An "all inclusive" Helicopter package guarantees a maximum amount of fun!

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