Thomas Ulrich

Mountain guide UIAGM +41 31 381 23 33

Kobler & Partner GmbH, Neubrückstrasse 166, 3012 Bern, Switzerland

Thomas Ulrich (1967) is one of the most renowned outdoor photographers on earth. He is married, father to three daughters and lives in Interlaken. He is both a trained carpenter and mountain guide, but for more than 20 years now, he has made a living by using his camera. Over time, his pictures have gained attention internationally, and his work as a film maker has also been awarded more than once.

But Thomas Ulrich is also an adventurer. After several successful expeditions in Patagonia, Greenland, America and Tibet, he started exploring the Arctic in 2006. He and his companion Børge Ousland were named “adventurers of the year 2007” by the American National Geographic Adventure Magazine for their expedition from the North Pole to the Siberian island group Franz Josef Land.
Each April, Thomas Ulrich guides a group of North Pole newcomers to the most northern point on earth, and experience which is very worthwhile, for the participants can benefit both from Thomas’ vast expedition experience as well as from his tips and tricks regarding outdoor photography.