Matthias Wasem

Mountain guide UIAGM +41 31 381 23 33

Kobler & Partner GmbH, Neubrückstrasse 166, 3012 Bern, Switzerland

Matthias grew up in the Gürbetal (Gürbe Valley) in the Canton of Bern as the son of a Spanish mother and a Swiss father. Already during his childhood, Matthias was fascinated with nature and exercise. Therefore, it is not very surprising that mountains became his big passion. Fulfilling wishes, making ideas a reality and engaging with nature, these are the aspects of mountaineering that truly peak my fascination.

After a degree in physics I decided to absolve a mountain guide education at the same time as my promotion. There are only few professions that allow one to help others fulfil their dreams; mountain guide is one of those professions. One has the opportunity to encounter foreign cultures, explore new mountain ranges and landscapes and one grows as a person in terms of fitness and personality. It is my personal goal to offer an unforgettable experience to others, combined with a maximum degree of safety; as well as sharing my fascination with nature and exercise with them.