Mountains and gorges have fascinated me for several decades – in the abstract as well as in the practical sense.

It started when I was a young man with the urge to be able to move independently and securely through interesting terrain. My path continued with the desire for the dynamic of more complex mountain landscapes and understanding the connected living spaces – as a Swiss scientist in the connection of a classical academic career. In the end, however, around the turn of the millennium the prospect of combining both aspects of my interests in one new profession became prevalent.

Since then I have been enjoying to travel to adventurous places with my customers, where I share happiness, sports, knowledge and camaraderie with them – no matter the time of year; be it on skis in Japan or Canada, in the wild water of the Grand Canyon or the Ticino gorges, in the sailboat on the Spitsbegen or on the rock walls of Sardinia.